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As musicians ... parents and grandparents ... the state of today’s music greatly concerns us! There’s no MUSIC in the lives our children today. Lots of rhythm and percussion. Lots of sex, angst and violence. But no MUSIC!

We need to change that! Together we can!

Traditional jazz, a true treasure, is America’s only original art form. It has endured for nearly one hundred years because it’s QUALITY. Listen closely and you'll hear it in today’s commercials and movie scores. We even call upon traditional jazz tunes for our family “sing-a-longs”. When you think of it, it’s very doubtful that our future generations will be singing today’s Top 40 around the campfire thirty years from now. We need to make our loved ones aware of what they are listening to and encourage them to bring a “melody” back into their hearts. Every opportunity to enjoy this finger-snappin’, toe-tappin’, happy feeling music helps increase awareness and it is our hope that through exposure to real music future generations will demand more from the entertainment industry.

WALLY’S WAREHOUSE WAIFS looks forward to every opportunity to perform for young people, and makes it a priority in their scheduling. If you would like more information, or need some ideas on how to make opportunities similar to the Medford Children’s Program happen in your community.

Contact Cathy Tatrow, WWW Band Manager at:
Phone: (810) 631-4799

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